Lenders Software Inc, (formerly Mortgage & Accounting Software, Inc. (MASI)) was formed by Hal Totten in 1997 as the result of a project to develop a fully automated MS-DOS based Loan Origination System. That project resulted in a product called The Loan Management System©. This software product was lightning fast, and used the BTrieve® database engine for record retrieval and maintenance.

During the "Y2K" craze of the late 1990's, we were asked to rewrite the program from the bottom up. This rewrite resulted in a product called The Loan Analyst©. In order to maintain compatibility with existing customers, we used the new Pervasive.SQL® database engine. The user interface was changed from an MS-DOS program to a new Visual Basic® front end.

In 2001 with the decline of the number of Windows 95 and Windows 98 desktops we made a decision to convert the database to Microsoft SQL Server®. When Microsoft released service pack 5 for Visual Basic 6.0 we had the tools necessary to make the program scalable for the enterprise.

In late 2001 we released the first version of the ezLoan for Windows© program. This was the first version of the program to implement distributed components to allow for operation over WAN links.

During 2002 we began to receive requests from customers to provide automation on a level not seen in the consumer finance industry. In late 2002 we released the first version of the ezFinance Software Suite©. The "suite" consisted of the latest version of the ezLoan program, a new credit bureau interface called ezInquiry©, and a payment history reporting product called ezMetro©. In addition to the new programs, we added an interface to the ezLoan program which fully integrated the QuickBooks Pro® accounting program to provide seamless General Ledger functionality to the loan software.

In 2005 we released version 5 of the ezLoan program. This version takes automation to the extreme. Delinquency Charges, Insufficient Funds Fees, Rate Limits and other items are now fully automated in the software.

In 2006 we released the first web interface to our database. This interface allows third party lenders to provide access to their customers so they can submit credit applications, check on the status of these application and report on the business relationships with the lender.

In 2007 we released version 6. This version had a completely different look and feel using a new windowing system instead of the traditionl "file tab" configuration.

In 2008 we released verion 7. Version 7 is fully Vista Compatible and has been completely re-developed from the bottom up using all the newer programming technologies.

Internet portals were added to the product as add-ons to the base product in 2009. These portals provided borrowers, investors and other thrid parties with the ability to view account information, apply for new loans, and manage payments

2010 marked a milestone for our ezLoan Version 7 product. Throughout the year we have added new modules to the 7.6 release adding support for individual servicer configurations for both electronic payments and credit file retrieval. New modules have also been added to enhance support to loans with escrows. A new revolving loan module is planned for release in September as well as the addition of several new electronic payment interfaces.

In the years that followed, Version 7 became a bedrock for the lending industry. We added support for two vertical industries: Tax Loans, and Manufactured Housing, and updated protocols to eliminate support for SSL.

In 2015 we release version 8 which migrated the development environment to the latest version so we could include support for TLS 1.1 Since then minor enhancements have been made and the companion ez1098 and ezMetro products have been updated as well.