This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions. We have also provides information on system configuration and installation of the programs.

What printers are supported?
  Any windows printer is supported. Printer support is really limited only by your documents. For example, if you want to use NCR (carbonless forms) are other multipart forms, you will need to use a dot-matrix printer. All of the standard documents provided are designed to be used on a laser printer.
What is Dealers and Partners?
  Dealers and Partners combines the two old Contractor Support and Partner Database modules from ezLoan 6. If you finance loans for other companies you will need to use the module. An example of this would be finance companies who finance furniture purchases or home improvements. The 3rd party in these cases would be the Furniture Stores or the Home Improvement contactor. The Parter portion is a special data table that contains information about companies that you use in the process of making loans. These can be title companies, appraisers, warehouse banks, companies you service loans for and your own loan processors.
How can I add or change loan documents?

ezLoan supports several different methods of loan document generation. The preferred method uses PDF documents. Any loan document you have can be converted to a PDF file. Once converted to a PDF, you can add form fields (using Adobe Acrobat Standard or better).

 When you have defined fields, they can be mapped to data fields from ezLoan using the Loan Documents function in the administration screen. This tool allows you to maintain existing loan documents and add new ones as needed.

Can I create my own reports?

Yes. You have several method of creating reports. You can use Microsoft Access©, Crystal Reports©, Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio© (ships with MS SQL Server©) or Microsoft Excel©.

In ezLoan 7, the data dictionary is available through the utilities screen so you can design your own queries to provide data to your reports.

We are not a bank. Why do we need End Of Month Procedures?
  The ezFinance Software suite is design to generate all necessary information for accounting functions. In order to do this, earnings must calculated, histories updated, and data prepared for history reporting to the credit repositories. The end of month functions create/update data tables necessary to support the accounting portions of the system. Several reports, i.e. Earnings, are based on this information.
Can I create my own loan numbering system?

Yes. The program allows you to define a numbering system which can consist of any number of items, e.g. Branch ID, Loan Category, Dealer ID, Lender ID, Unique Counter, State Abbreviation and a two digit year code.