System Requirements

ezLoanQB is a Windows Service that runs on a computer/server with QuickBooks installed. Any request made to QuickBooks from the ezLoan software is handled by this Service. Using this service, the ezFinance suite fully integrates with QuickBooks. Integration takes place at the general ledger level, resulting in LIVE TRANSCATIONAL INTEGRATION.

Benefits of this type of setup
  • One instance of this service handles all ezLoan Clients on a network.
  • Live Transactional (real time) integration
    • Everything is done automatically behind the scenes.
    • Transactional integration provides protection against system errors and other like problems. If an error occurs during transaction processing the entire transaction is aborted and "re-queued".
    • No need to manually import or export data from QuickBooks.
    • Other users can have QuickBooks file open while the service is posting requests.
  • If the QuickBooks system goes down, there is no direct impact on ezLoan Clients. The requests just queue up until the system becomes available.
  • History of all requests is kept in the ezLoan Database. Useful for auditing purposes and resubmitting failed requests.
  • Using this configuration also allows for users of the software suite to have the ability to post payments and fund loans without needing to have the QuickBooks program installed on their PC, and still be able to have those transactions automatically appear in the QuickBooks system.

QuickBooks Integration