System Requirements
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ezLoan for Windows © is the heart of the ezFinance Software Suite©. The program is designed to provide complete scalability from the small single user "Car Lot" to full fledged lending operation with over 100 users.

At the core of the program is a Microsoft SQL Server © database that is fully relational and uses normalized data architectures to provide the maximum speed possible for data operations.

When used with all the available interfaces, the program provides for "near paperless" operations. As with most lending operations, there is no way to eliminate paper entirely; however, with our built-in document management capabilities, it is possible to get as close as possible.

ezLoan for Windows © supports just about any type of loan, including mortgage loans, installment loans, commercial loans, revolving credit lines and commercial loans. The only type of lending we do not support is Payday Lending and Check Cashing.


Minimal Setup

Complete Setup (QuickBooks Integration and Web Portals)

Optional Setup (Terminal Server)